The crazy beautiful world of wedding photography has recently turned our lives upside down (in the best way possible) and changed our whole direction over the past couple of years. Finally we've found something that just feels right and we feel extremely fortunate to be doing it together as a husband and wife team, all the while meeting and witnessing other sweet couples flourish on their own paths to becoming married.



Hey I’m Brent. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, an avid surfer, a big joker & an audiophile. Some would say I'm a tech nerd, but I say no way! Electronics consumer? Hell yes!! Cameras and lenses in particular, really really nice heavy ones. I’ve being dabbling in the creative space of photography for some years now, focusing on upskilling myself as Samantha & I backpacked through South-East Asia before basing ourselves in Europe. Yup we pretty much sold everything (kept the camera), packed our little bags and travelled the world for two years. Best. Idea. Ever. Unforgettable and totally worth it. If you ever get the chance or are in two minds – just do it, you will not regret it. It gives one grounding, perspective and appreciation. I digress.

As a reasonably new father, my motivation soon shifted from travel towards life photography and along the way after second shooting for a wedding a few years back, together our emphasis shifted to weddings. They are truly something else, a day of epicness. It’s your day, with your family and your friends, the way you want it! How good is that? We can't top that satisfied feeling we get from playing a truly important part in our couples' day. It's an insight to their lives, the good times and the sad ones too. It really cements for me, how crazy this thing we call life really is and pushes me to keep the positivity flowing and give every single moment my best shot (pun intended).


"I'm all about the details"

Working in weddings is something I've been passionate about for more than five years. It started when I was working in the UK as editor for I immersed myself into the wedding planning process. I learnt so much there while also planning my own wedding at the time. I loved every single moment of that journey. Now through photography I feel honoured that I get to join other brides and assist with bringing their wedding vision to life by delivering images to be passed down for generations. On the day I love capturing all the gorgeous details with the girls, as well as those more intimate portraits of our newlyweds. I hold a Bachelor degree in Business and Marketing and have been working in corporate communications and events for the past few years. When I'm not in the NAK zone, I spend every other moment playing with our daughter, Stella, and drinking coffee. Lots of coffee. Being a wedding photographer while also raising a toddler means lots of late night editing. But we love it!!   


We want to get to know you

We know how busy, not to mention overwhelming, the wedding planning process can sometimes be, so we'll stop the life story there. Bottom line is, we're 100% committed to capturing the intimate moments, the genuine emotions and the personality of your wedding. We take those special little details home with us to create unique handcrafted images that deliver memories you will love forever and relive time and again.