CINDEL + JUSTIN // Grand View Hotel wedding

The guests at Cindel and Justin’s ‘engagement party’ got an awesome surprise when they entered the Grand View Hotel at Cleveland on a stormy December afternoon. The groomsmen notified the guests that it was in fact a wedding and the bride was on her way. Unfortunately mother nature had her own plans for that evening, something along the lines of torrential rain and cyclonic winds! So while Cindel and Justin’s wedding didn’t exactly go to plan, they still had the most amazing night and of course they are now husband and wife and couldn’t be happier! Luckily for them we understand how important these photos are, so straight away we reassured them of a re-shoot in a few weeks time due to the rainy weather. We’re really happy that Cindel and Justin love all of their images, even if they weren’t all taken on the actual wedding day. It certainly was a wedding day to remember! The re-shoot day made up for all of that and provided the most spectacular sunset. Thanks Cindel and Justin, we had lots of fun with you guys!